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Lepel Corporation is the world leader in induction cap sealing equipment. We have more than 95 years of industry experience, an expert engineering staff, and dedicated service team. Lepel offers a complete line of induction sealing equipment from hand-held systems to high speed equipment integrated directly into your production line. Our team is ready to assist you with all elements of the cap sealing process. We can recommend the best equipment for your production line. Give us a call at 262-782-0450 or request a quote online today and find out why Lepel is trusted by thousands world wide.

“The best compliment I can pay to Lepel Corporation is that in 10 years of working with them I have had very little downtime or issues related to the induction sealers.  The fact that they are on all my bottling lines, and I don’t have to pay them any real attention is the reason that they would be my first choice when shopping for another.”

-Longtime Lepel Customer

“We have 8 Lepel units, that are used 16 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our units are almost zero maintenance, very operator friendly units. And anytime we do need to call Lepel, we appreciate the 100% helpful friendly staff. If we need anymore units, Lepel is our sealer of choice, and is the only sealer recommended by me.”

-Lepel Customer in the food industry

Sealing Excellence, Engineered by Lepel

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