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Lepel Heating Process

To compete in today’s market, you need to manufacture products less expensively, with less waste, while ensuring the highest quality. Regardless of your process, production efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical for your operation. Yet most radiant and convection heating solutions are inefficient and generate high waste and reject rates. Lepel’s leading-edge high frequency induction heating solutions are the answer. The induction heating process delivers localized, non-contact heat—resulting in fewer rejects, less scrap, reduced energy costs, and less product distortion. Lepel is recognized for its industry-leading expertise in high-frequency induction heating. Our decades of experience and innovation in the field enable us to provide unparalleled applications knowledge and problem-solving abilities to address your most demanding heating challenges. In fact, we’re continually developing induction heating solutions for new and interesting applications.

Lepel’s Induction Heating Process Offers:

  • Improved product quality. The contact-free process induces heat in the product without touching it, reducing the opportunity for damage. Reduced energy costs. Unlike inefficient furnaces, the induction heating process converts up to 80% of the expended energy into useful heat, offering substantial cost savings.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements and costs. Adding solid-state induction equipment to your process can eliminate the excessive maintenance costs associated with large ovens and furnaces. Precision heating with minimized distortion. The precise induction process delivers heat exactly where it is needed, so the other areas of your part are not exposed to possible distortion.
  • Reduced excess heating of the manufacturing environment. Induction heating is localized, providing increased employee comfort.
  • Reduced emissions of toxins and noise levels. High-frequency induction heating is a clean process, producing no smoke, pollution, waste heat, or noise.
  • Drastically reduced cycle times. Instantaneous heat allows for quicker startup and increased production capabilities.
  • Higher repeatability. Accurate temperature control provides uniform, consistent results, with fewer rejected parts. 

Optimized designs to fit any need

To maximize efficiency and product quality, Lepel can customize a coil and power supply package to meet your exact application and heating requirements.

Coil design. Proper coil design is a key to achieving maximum process performance, and Lepel’s expertise in coil design sets us apart in the induction heating industry. Using our custom state-of-the-art coil design software, we use specific process parameters and data from your part drawings to engineer a coil of optimum size and shape for your application. We can also provide multiple-coil designs that heat numerous locations or parts simultaneously.

Power supplies. Lepel offers the industry’s widest and most dependable selection of 100% solid-state, oscillator, and unique hybrid power supplies for high-frequency induction heating. Available from .5 to 2,000 kW and 3 kHz to 30 MHz, with microprocessor controls available on many standard models. Lepel designs provide maximum reliability and accurate, repeatable results.

Complete engineering, manufacturing, and testing

With our experienced engineers, a world class manufacturing environment, and state-of-the-art test lab, Lepel can meet your needs quickly and effectively. Every new project begins with listening to the concerns and needs of our customers. Regardless of the size, shape or composition of your product, our seasoned engineers have the expertise to develop a solution that meets your requirement. We can even work with you to integrate the induction heating process into your automated manufacturing line.

Worldwide sales and service

With our knowledgeable sales staff, 24-hour service hotline, and extensive product line, we are prepared to meet the needs of customers around the globe. Our Applications Lab was developed to evaluate our customers’ parts and process requirements to ensure that the solution we propose is the best one for your application. Once your system is complete, we have field technicians available to provide on-site installation support and technical instruction on the operation and maintenance of your equipment. Additionally, Lepel stocks a full inventory of spare parts, to ensure that your Lepel equipment is operating when you need it.