Cap Sealing for Packaging Industries

Fun fact, packaging application for induction sealing was to stop chemical containers from leaking? Today induction cap sealers are used to seal products like acid, bleach, paint, oil, and household cleaning products. Our CS+350 SS induction sealer creates a strong bond to the lip of the container completely water-free and fan free. This shield prevents dangerous liquids, powders, and gas from leaking out during shipment or handling. Most chemicals and petroleum have unique caps shapes to fit their brand. Lepel CS+350 SS sealer takes unique shapes into consideration sealing caps from 5mm to 120mm. Lepel helps support packagers seal motor oil, automotive fuel additives, antifreeze, grease, lubricants, brake fluid, washer fluid, oils, fertilizers, pesticides, weed killer, lawn care treatments, industrial chemicals, and cleaning products. Lepel made the first induction sealer in the late ’60s and we been on the cutting edge ever since. Click on the link to contact our bottle sealer experts.