Cap Inspector/Line Monitor System

Detects all typical fault conditions on a conveyor line during the capsealing process. It is designed to detect foil presence and bottle alignment in high speed conveyor applications.

This product can be adjusted to inspect a large variety of bottle sizes and shapes.

When a defective bottle is detected, the Cap Inspector provides an ejector signal to drive an ejector solenoid or relay.



Lepel Corporation

W227 N937 Westmound Drive, Waukesha WI 53186

  • Phone: 262-782-0450


The features of the Cap Inspector are as follows:

  • Foil Detect
  • Raised Cap
  • Cocked Cap
  • Bottle Down
  • Eject Signal
  • Set up menu password protection
  • Accumulated fault alarm
  • Line idle/Line stopped alarm
  • Auto configure

Tech Specs

Four relay outputs:

  • Ready/Fault
  •  Monitoring On
  • Line
  • Ejector

Self learning Auto Configure feature

2 x 20 LCD Display with backlight

3 Status LEDs

Universal supply voltage 95-250V AC