Lepel History

Capsealing History

Lepel Capsealing provides induction sealing to the packaging industry. Our customers range from the smallest “mom and pop” organizations to the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. They purchase Lepel equipment confident that they will own “top tier” equipment and receive the technical support our reputation exemplifies.

Lepel Capsealing was involved in the first induction sealing application back in the late 1960’s. A company packaging photo chemicals, FRP Chemical in NJ, thought they had solved a leakage problem caused by glass breakage. Their first solution was to change to a plastic bottle and cap. They later found out that the plastic caps stress relieved over time and loosened during shipment. The leakage problem returned. FRP Chemical’s Packaging Engineer, Jack Palmer, along with 3M and Lepel, created the process of induction sealing, the “Lepel Seal” as it was originally called.

Lepel sold induction sealing equipment to various industries for leak proof protection for over fifteen years prior to the Tylenol tampering that occurred in 1984. Following that incident, The Food and Drug Administration responded by mandating tamper evident packaging. Because Lepel’s induction sealing was easy and quick to implement it was brought to a new level of awareness and ubiquity.

High Frequency Induction

Founded in 1926 in New York City By Henry Von Lepel.

Products Timeline

  • Breast Pump – 1927
  • Spark Gap Generators – 1940 
  • Vacuum Tube Oscillator – 1949 
  • Solid State – 1982
    • SCR
  • Solid State – 1990
    • Mosfet
    • IGBT