Induction cap sealing can benefit a wide variety of applications in numerous industries across the board. 

Here are just some examples:

 Industry Product Applications
 Agriculture Fertilizer
 Agro Chemical Pesticide
 Automotive Corrosion inhibitors, Motor oil, Anti-freeze, Additives
 Chemical Acids, Bleach, Paints, Household cleaning products
 Cosmetic Bubble bath, Hair preparations, Tattoo ink , Creams
 Dairy Milk
 Dental Toothpaste
 Flammable Lighter fluid, Acetone, Nail Polish Remover, Alcohol
 Food Edible oil, Peanut butter, Spices,Juices, Syrups, Sports bottles, Condiments
 Medical Vitamins
 Petroleum Motor oil, Additives
 Pharmaceutical Drugs, Solids, Liquid, Capsules
 Water Bottled water