CS+ SS Induction Cap Sealers

The CS+ SS line is our cutting-edge self-cooled induction cap sealer, engineered to excel at your highest line speeds. With no fans or cooling water requirements, it guarantees unparalleled reliability and performance.

The CS+ SS seamlessly integrates with your filling and capping line, accommodating speeds of up to 350 feet per minute. From the moment it arrives, the CS+ SS is ready to seal caps ranging from 5mm to 120mm. Setup is a breeze, and no assembly is required. It features intuitive controls, and includes an “Energy Saver Mode” for optimal efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Water-free operation: Say goodbye to water systems and plumbing hassles.
  • Fan-free sealing head: Eliminates the need for filter changes and reduces downtime.
  • Maintenance-free: With no moving parts, upkeep is a thing of the past.
  • Quick and easy setup: Simply uncrate and roll it up to your line, no assembly required.

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Advanced Convection Cooling: Operates efficiently in high ambient temperature and humidity conditions.
Precise Sealing Head Adjustment: Easily adjust the sealing head height for smooth and accurate sealing.
High-Efficiency Solid State Design: Equipped with state-of-the-art sealing heads for optimal performance.
System Integrity Monitoring: Monitors power, current, frequency, phase, temperature, and other parameters for enhanced reliability.
Sturdy Stainless Steel Enclosure: NEMA 4-approved enclosure and durable exterior ensure durability.
User-Friendly Controls: Intuitive LCD controls allow for easy adjustment of operating parameters.
Auto-Configure Feature: Enables the system to automatically adjust settings in response to detected conditions of the bottles passing through it.
Stalled Bottle Detection: Alerts users if bottles are stalled or jammed under the sealing unit.
Alignment Monitoring: Detects off-centered bottles under the sealing head.
Line Speed Monitoring: Keeps track of conveyor speed and automatically adjusts power for consistent sealing.
Adjustable Alarm Filter: Allows operators to set sensitivity levels according to their preference.
Energy Saving Mode: Reduces power consumption when no bottles are detected under the coil, promoting energy efficiency.

Tech Specs

CS+ 350 SSCS+ 200 SS
Input230±10% V AC, 10 Amps, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, (optional 3 phase)230VAC, 7 Amps, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
Max Line Speed*350 ft/min200 ft/min
Cap Size5mm-120mm5mm-120mm
Weight200 lbs.175 lbs.
Crated (Shipping) Weight250 lbs.225 lbs.
Height80 in.80 in.
Height Under Sealing Head40 in. - 60 in.40 in. - 60 in.
Footprint30 in. x 32 in.30 in. x 32 in.

*Maximum line speed is highly dependent on the cap and liner type of your chosen container.


  • Interface Panel: Enables the use of accessories such as a remote control panel with five remote inputs and three relay outputs.
  • Light Tower: Keeps operators informed of status changes through three color indicators (green, yellow, and red) and an audible alarm.
  • Cap Inspector: Identifies all common fault conditions during the sealing process, including:
    • No foil in Cap
    • Missing Cap
    • Cocked Cap
    • Bottle Misalignment
    • Bottle Down
    • Idle State (No Bottles)

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