CS+200 SS

The CS Plus200SS is a modification of our first patented self-cooled induction cap sealing system to allow for higher line speeds, while providing outstanding sealing performance in a unit that is shipped ready to roll up to your line and plug in.

With no sealing head fan and no water cooling system, the CS Plus200SS offers superior reliability and operation.

The cost-efficient CS Plus200SS accommodates most line speed requirements across a broad range of industries, sealing 5mm to 120mm caps at moderate to high line speeds. Its easy-to-use controls allow users to enter a variety of settings.


  • Water-free: requires no water system or plumbing
  • No maintenance or cleaning
  • Fan-free sealing head: eliminates filter changes and downtime
  • Quicker setup with no assembly: just uncrate, roll it up to your line, and plug it in



Lepel Corporation

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  • Phone: 262-782-0450


Advanced, self-contained, self cooled system: operates in high ambient temperature and humidity conditions.

Smooth, precise adjustment of sealing head height.

  • Solid state design with NEMA-approved modular components
  • System integrity monitoring: for power, current, frequency, phase, temperature and communication
  • Remote capability: allows a second control panel to be located away from the sealing head
  • Easy-to-operate, legible microprocessor controls: allow user-defined parameters such as Percent Power and Energy Save

Tech Specs

Input :230VAC, 7 Amps, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase

  • Line Speed : Moderate to high
  • Cap Size : 5 to 120mm
  • Weight : 175 lbs.
  • Crated Weight : 225 lbs.
  • Height : Max 80″
  • Height under, Sealing Head : Min 40″, Max 60″
  • Footprint : 30″ x 32″

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  • Interface panel: Permits use of accessories such as remote control panel with five remote inputs and three relay outputs
  • Light tower: Alerts operators of status, with three color indicators (green, yellow, and red) and audible alarm
  • Remote control panel-Water-tight push button enclosure with pre-wired 20-foot cord. Illuminated START and STOP controls.
  • Motion Sensing System: The Motion Sensing system will detect and respond to various conditions that will adversely affect sealing capabilities. The motion sensing system is contained inside the sealing head to eliminate any additional set up mounting or adjustments. The system is easy to operate and user friendly.
    • Auto-Configure — The Motion Sensing System sets itself.
    • Stalled Bottle Detection — Monitors containers under the sealing unit and will sound an alarm if bottles are stalled or jammed.
    • Line Speed Detection — Bottle speed is increased or decreased more than users’specified %.
    • Alignment Monitoring — To detect bottles that are not centered under the sealing head center.
    • Conveyor speed monitoring.
    • Alarm Filter — Allows operator to set the sensitivity
  • E-Stop: Emergency stop button
  • Cap Inspector: Detects all typical fault conditions during the sealing process.
    • No foil in Cap
    • Missing Cap
    • Cocked Cap
    • Bottle Misalignment
    • Bottle Down
    • Idle State-No Bottles